Solutions Journalism Without Borders was founded in in 2021 by Aussie freelance journalist, documentary producer Solutions Journalism Network LEDE Fellow Stephanie Capper.  The world's first independent experiential solutions journalism study abroad program, Solutions Journalism Without Borders organiues cohorts of aspiring journalists where marginalized and underrepresented communities are responding to chronic social or environmental problems to learn and produce solutions journalism.

During Solutions Journalism Without Borders intensive international learning experiences, students learn how to catalyze high-impact solutions reporting in order to

amplify marginalized voices and reframe coverage of complex problems

- collaboratively, and in-community.


Because we know that by only reporting on what’s going wrong, we fail

to portray an accurate picture of the world.  And we delight in finding solutions

and sharing responses to problems with the global community.

By applying the Solutions Journalism Network's Four Pillars of Solutions Journalism

to our practice, we embrace the opportunity to tell 'the WHOLE Story', which

studies show strengthens citizenship, sparks constructive discourse, unleashes the

power of positive deviance, increases self-efficacy to enhance our capacity to solve

problems & delegitimizes excuses to better hold those in power to account. 

Supported by the Solutions Journalism Network's 2021 LEDE FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM


Stephanie Jane Capper, Journalist

As a freelance correspondent, Stephanie has bylines with the

Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Huffington Post. She also teaches documentary film with Actuality Abroad, a service-learning documentary study abroad program and has co-led the production of more than 20 short and micro-documentaries in Asia, Africa, and Central America.

She currently lives in Barcelona, Spain.


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